Our Practices

Aerospace & Aviation

The Firm’s major practice involves advising aviation industry and consumers on the liabilities of the carrier aircraft company for the air traffic accidents. Furthermore, the Firm is strongly involved in the transactional practice for the mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, lease and financing of the aircrafts by the aviation companies. The Firm extends full support to the aviation companies in compliance with the registration requirements for obtaining certificate of airworthiness, personnel licenses, issues pertaining to aerodromes facilities and services, commercial air operations, unlawful interference, fares, freight, timetables and miscellaneous issues.

Focus Areas

Aircraft Liabilities

Aircraft Licensing

Aircraft Leasing

Aircraft Financing

Aircraft Operations

Aviation Joint Ventures

Insolvency & Restructurings

Airspace Regulations

Aviation Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Antitrust & Competition

Dispute Resolution